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“I wish I had more time” is heard frequently especially around the busy holiday season. We all have the same amount of time so instead of wishing for more consider some methods that will help you use it more effectively.   First and foremost accept how valuable ...

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Business Relationship Management 101.2

Monday, June 07, 2010

On a recent weekend, one of our neighbours observed our beautiful blooming tree as she was driving by. Noticing my daughters playing in our yard, she stopped and came over to chat with us about the tree. The conversation topics then took many turns, and we discovered that we had many common connections, which is not surprising in our city. We had acquaintances in common through Victoria Beach, the Women's Enterprise Centre, and our shared neighbourhood.

The conversation was a reminder to me that each time we interact with a new individual, whether in a personal, business or recreational setting, we have an opportunity to either promote or demote our business. Although an individual may not fit in to your target market, there is a very high probability that they are either related to or acquainted with someone who will fit that target. It follows, therefore, that each new person should be offered a positive, up beat and respectful interaction with you. When they learn of the professional "hat" that you wear, they will be all that more inclined to choose to be a customer of yours, or alternatively, refer friends and family to your business.

In a very price competitive marketplace, with competition from all corners of the globe for many of the products and services that we offer locally, positive face to face promotion (rather than demotion) is a very powerful competitive tool that other competitors cannot duplicate.

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Posted by Angela Hilland at 5:26 PM 0 Comments Blog - Women's Enterprise Centre of Manitoba